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Renato Zegarra, the Wellness Chef, is passionately committed to providing high quality food that is both healthy and delicious. The next time you are looking for some oven-ready meal options to fit easily into your busy life, consider The Wellness Chef.

Healthy and Delicious Family-style Meals

Does your family have a hectic schedule? Are you tired of relying on take-out or delivery to accommodate those days of the week that you’re just too busy to get a healthy meal on the table? The Wellness Chef offers a wide range of family-style meals that are easy to prepare—just pop them in the oven! There are options for everyone in your family that are both delicious and healthy.


  • Chickpea and eggplant stew
  • Sautéed vegetables in Peruvian-Japanese sauce with aromatic ginger rice
  • Spinach and roasted vegetable lasagne in a béchamel sauce
  • Peruvian Papa Rellena (puréed potatoes stuffed with seasoned beef, sautéed onion, cilantro, parsley and cumin)
  • Herbed brown rice casserole
  • Vegetarian curry
  • Spinach, swiss chard, artichoke and ricotta cheese pie
  • Chimichurri salmon or chicken skewers served with seasonal vegetable and wild rice
  • Thai-chili grilled chicken breast with glazed seasonal vegetables
  • Seasonal soups (curried butternut squash, harvest vegetable, Asian chicken, red lentil & onion, roasted onion)
  • Chicken pot pie
  • Organic beef lasagna
  • Beef/Chicken/Turkey or Vegetarian chili with cornbread
  • Turkey meatloaf
  • Chickpea burger and ratatouille

Contact us to arrange for pick-up or delivery!

Meals specially prepared for Food Allergies and/or Intolerances

Your special needs diet doesn’t have to get in the way of enjoying delicious meals. The Wellness Chef has experience with a wide range of specialty diets including the following:

  • Food allergies / sensitivities
  • Celiac disease
  • Gluten free
  • Lactose intolerance
  • Diabetes
  • Low-fat and/or low-sodium
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Vegetarian

Together we can create a menu plan to accommodate all your nutritional needs.

We are known for the care and diligence that is taken with each of our clients with particular dietary restrictions. All of our menu items are home-made and of the highest nutritional standard. Our ingredients and preparation methods are monitored closely.

And don’t be concerned that a speciality diet means having no options! Take a look at the following options available to someone following an anti-inflammatory diet:


  • Mixed greens salad
  • Beans medley salad
  • Brown rice and roasted vegetable salad
  • Roasted beets and green bean salad
  • Chef salad
  • Tropical salad


  • Red lentil & onion
  • Butternut squash
  • Garden harvest
  • Roasted onion

Main Courses

  • Sautéed vegetables with aromatic ginger rice
  • Chickpea and eggplant stew
  • Herbed brown rice casserole
  • Brown rice with caramelized onions and pecans
  • Lentils and brown rice stew
  • Vegetable curry
  • Savory red lentils stew
  • Stuffed Eggplant, quinoa and kale salad

Don’t see your special diet needs listed here? Feel free to call Renato for an individualized consultation session.

Weekly Menus for Seniors

Many elderly people, because of chronic medical problems, require special diets. For example, their doctor may recommend a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet for heart disease, a low-sodium diet for high blood pressure, or a low-calorie diet for weight reduction. Special diets often require extra effort, but older people may instead settle for foods that are quick and easy to prepare, such as frozen dinners, canned foods, lunch meats, that may provide too many calories, or contain too much fat and sodium.

The Wellness Chef can help. Nutritious, hot meals can be delivered or prepared in your home following all your nutritional needs and your food preferences. Weekly menus can be specially customized for clients who for reasons of advanced age, illness, or disability are unable to prepare a nutritionally balanced meal for themselves or have no one to prepare meals for them.

For seniors, the benefits of healthy eating include increased mental acuteness, resistance to illness and disease, higher energy levels, a more robust immune system, faster recuperation times, and better management of chronic health problems. As we age, eating well can also be the key to a positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced.

Let us do the cooking and allow yourself to enjoy appetizing and delicious meals in the comfort of your home.